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Landlord Tenant Matters


Having represented numerous landlords over the years we understand the needs of the landlord to get the non-paying tenant out of the premises as fast as possible.  This will allow you to rent the property to another tenant who will pay their rent on time.  We can help you expedite the process and ensure it is done properly  to protect you from potential liability.  after the eviction we can walk you through the process of getting the tenant out and collecting your money.   We have handled matters where tenants caused damage and assisted landlords in getting repaid for those damages.  Hoefle Law, LLC can be your advocate to get your rental unit leased and making payments again as fast as possible.


Hoefle Law, LLC can help you by reviewing your lease to make sure it protects you and provides you all of the rights and remedies you are entitled to.  If you are considering leasing your property we can help you with ownership, lease and other questions.  We can create a lease the suits your own specific situation.  Many people are using leases that they get online or from friends which provide for fees or penalties which are illegal in Missouri and which do not provide the protections available to landlords in Missouri such as recovery of your attorney's fees or collections costs from a defaulting tenant. 


If you are a tenant who has property which is uninhabitable or which the landlord makes it hard for you to use the property we may be able to help.  Many tenants find themselves in a rental property with toxic mold or other problems.  Tenants may face situations where landlords illegally terminate utilities or fail to pay the mortgage.  You may simply be in a rental unit you can no longer afford and want  to avoid a judgment against you which may affect your ability to rent again.   Hoelfe Law, LLC may be able to work out a solution which allows you to vacate and make payments and avoid a judgment. 

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